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CSI 6000 Machinery Health?Monitor

• Extend PlantWeb? with API 670 machinery protection monitoring
• Monitor your plants most critical rotating machines
• Real-time machinery health feedback integrates to process control so you can run
  your plant with confidence
• Transforms vibration monitoring into predictive alerts
• Transient analysis for turbines empowers decisions through AMS? Suite
• Balance of plant machinery health monitoring includes PeakVue? technology for    rolling element bearing and gearbox analysis.

CSI 6000 Machinery Health Monitor
The CSI 6000 solution was designed for retrofit projects where obsolete protection systems and control systems are being replaced and plant philosophies are being re-engineered to include prediction, performance monitoring, and integration to process control.Emersons API 670-compliant CSI 6000 Machinery Health Monitor integrates with Ovation? and DeltaV? process control systems and is an integral part of the predictive AMS Suite.
Power Industry Solutions
The Ovation process control system and AMS Suite incorporate embedded applications specifically for power generation. Applications

• Fully-coordinated boiler/turbine contro
• Emissions monitoring
• Economic dispatch
• Fleet management
• Online global performance advisor
• Ramp rate and process optimization through real-time vibration and integrated process monitoring
During a planned outage, use the AMS Suite Replay view to examine machinery health and guide maintenance planning.
Emerson brings together a complete process control system and rotating machinery health solution designed specifically for the power generation industry.

Real-Time Machinery Health Feedback to Process Automation
Maintenance personnel have long benefited from the predictive capabilities of vibration analysis and integrated technologies.
But without machinery health feedback to process automation, operators dont know the effects their actions have on the health
of rotating machines. In fact, 50% of machine faults are the result of process variations.

The CSI 6000 sends real-time turbine supervisory and vibration parameters to operators. If operators adjust the process or a process upset occurs, operators see the live impact of these events on the machines health. For example, during start-up,
if the turbine case expansion or rotor eccentricity levels are not within acceptable limits, operators or process control
can automatically adjust ramp rates. By integrating vibration data with process automation, informed real-time decisions
set a new industry standard.

• Power generation steam turbines
• Industrial drive gas turbines
• Hydro turbines
• Centrifugal compressors
• Screw compressors
• Fans, blowers, pumps, gears, motors

Online Machinery Monitoring

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