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Lightweight design, heavyweight performer

 Fusion - Picture in Picture   Built-in Illuminator Lights   Field Replaceable Battery   Thumbnail Image Gallery

i-Series Features
Latest Infrared Detector Technology
Fusion Picture in Picture (PIP)
Bright LED Lamps for Quality Visible Images
Thermal Sensitivity of <0.1?C @ 25?C
LightweightWeighs only 1.3lbs
Easy One-handed Operation
3.5" LCD with Razor Sharp Resolution
Convenient Thumbnail Image Gallery

Visible Light Digital Camera Up to 2.3MP resolution with LED lamps provides sharp images
  regardless of lighting conditions

Fusion Picture in Picture (PIP) Displays thermal image super-imposed over a digital image

0.1?C Thermal Sensitivity Provides the resolution needed to find problems faster and easier

Wide Temperature Range Measures from -4 to 662?F (-20 to 350?C) targeting electrical and industrial applications

Thumbnail Image Gallery Allows quick search of stored images

Laser LocatIR? Pointer Pinpoints the hot spot on the IR image with the real physical target (FLIR i50 and i60 only)

Radiometric JPEG Images Patented technology used to save images in standard JPEG format for easy e-mailing and analysis
  using QuickReport? PC Software (included)

1GB microSD Card Stores more than 1000 Radiometric JPEG images

Li-Ion Rechargable Battery Replaceable battery lasts for 5hrs of continuous use

Area (Min/Max) Mode Spot marker shows the Minumum or the Maximum Temperature reading within the selected area

Includes 1GB micro SD Card, miniSD adaptor, Li-Ion rechargeable battery, power supply, QuickReport? software, USB cable,
  lens cap, hand strap, and heavy duty case

FLIR i60Scalable Fusion picture in picture feature permits you to resize the thermal image as needed on a large 3.5" color display

FLIR i60 Technical Specifications
Temperature range -4?F to 662?F (-20?C to 350?C)
Temperature accuracy ?2?C or ?2% of reading
Image Storage (1GB micro SD card) 1000 Images
Emissivity Table 0.1 to 1.0 (adjustable); Emissivity Table
Imaging Performance / Image Presentation
Field of view/min focus distance 25? X 25?/0.10m (3.9")
Thermal sensitivity (N.E.T.D) <0.1?C at 25?C
Detector Type 32,400 pixels (180 x 180)
Spectral range 7.5 - 13?m
Display 3.5" color LCD
Video output MPEG-4 via USB
Image Modes Thermal, Visual, Picture-in-Picture (PIP);
Fusion Picture in Picture (PIP) Scalable
Visible Light Camera Resolution 2.3 Megapixels
Laser / Classification Yes / Class 2
Laser Type Semiconductor AlGalnP Semiconductor AlGalnP
Laser Marker Function On IR image
Spot (center) Measurement mode Yes
Focus Manual
Set-up controls (All models) Date/time, info, LCD intensity, power down, and 21 languages
Battery Type/operating time Li-lon/ 5 hours, Display shows battery status
Dimensions/Weight 9.3x3.2x6.9" (235x81x175mm)/<1.32lbs (600g), including battery

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