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i5A small infrared revolution
    The new i5 from FLIR Systems is the smallest, lightest and most affordable infrared
camera on the market. It is incredibly easy to use and requires no former experience.
It really is a matter of point-shoot-detect to obtain high-quality infrared images that
will immediately give you the infrared information you need.

Save time and money in 3 steps:

Not magic... impressive technology
    Infrared radiation (IR) is emitted by every object above a temperature of -273?C.
The human eye cannot detect infrared radiation, but an infrared camera can. It can
take pictures of objects to show the amount of heat they are emitting. Such pictures
consist of a map of colours that show surface temperatures of the object. An infrared
camera is an invaluable diagnostic tool in a variety of industries, as it can detect abnormally
hot or cold areas or components. In other words, you can detect problems that
are not normally visible with the naked eye.

The benefits of infrared
    An infrared camera is a powerful maintenance tool,as in many instances equipment failure is preceded by a period of increasing
heat. An infrared camera is alsoan excellent building inspection instrument, it quickly scans and identifies problem areas that can't
be seen by the naked eye. It is also used for repair verification and insurance purposes. An infrared camera gives you the following
• Detect hidden problems, make quick damage assessments and perform preventive inspections
• Survey buildings to find moisture and leaks
• Identify energy losses and poor insulation
• Spot electrical faults before it is too late
• Produce instant infrared images of your findings
• Create reports, analyse and document your findings with the easy-to-use software

Flexible recording and PC connectivity:
Single image JPEG storage to SD Card
USB file transfer to PC
Compatible with FLIR Reporter 8 and FLIR QuickReport software

Full temperature measurement ranges up to 250 ?C as standard
Standard range of measurement tools:
correction for emissivity and reflected temp.
emissivity table
FLIR i5 Technical Specifications
Imaging and optical data
Field of view (FOV) 17? ? 17?
Thermal sensitivity/NETD < 0.1?C (0.18?F)
Image frequency 9 Hz
Focus / min focus distance Focus free / from 0.6 m (2 ft.)
Detector data
Detector type Focal plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Spectral range 7.513 ?m
IR resolution 80 ? 80 pixels
Image presentation
Display 2.8 in. color LCD
Image Adjustment Automatic adjust/lock image
Object temperature range 0?C to +250?C
Accuracy ?2?C or ?2% of reading,
Measurement functions Spotmeter, correction for emissivity and reflected temp.,emissivity table
Menu commands Palettes (black and white, iron and rainbow), C/F, language,
date and time format
Image storage
Image storage type miniSD Card
File formats Standard JPEG, 14-bit measurement data included
Compatible with FLIR software FLIR Reporter 8 and FLIR QuickReport
Data communication interfaces
Interfaces USB Mini-B, Data transfer to and from PC
Power system
Battery type Rechargeable Li Ion battery
Rechargeable Li Ion battery Approx. 5 hours at +25?C ambient temp. and typical use
Environmental data
Operating temperature range 0?C to +50?C
Storage temperature range -40?C to +70?C
Humidity (operating and storage) IEC 60068-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity
Encapsulation Camera housing and lens: IP 43 (IEC 60529)
Bump / Vibration 25 g (IEC 60068-2-29) / 2 g (IEC 60068-2-6)
Physical characteristics
Weight 340 g
Size, L x W x H 223 mm x 79 mm x 83 mm

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