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GasFind IR
New Infrared Camera Revolutionizes
Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR)!
GasFindIRกล้องอินฟราเรด ตรวจสอบหารอยรั่วของแก๊ส
Infrared Camera for leak detection and repair

GasFindIR finds even small fugitive gas emissions quickly and easily.

GasFindIRenables you to:
• Scan thousands of components per SHIFT
• Spot small leaks from several feet away
• Safely monitor big leaks from hundreds of feet away
• Detect leaks in moving tank cars

For the first time, an infrared (IR) imaging camera - GasFindIR - allows you to spot methane and other volatile organic compound (VOC) gas leaks quickly and easily. Capable of rapidly scanning large areas and even miles of pipeline, this highly specialized infrared camera delivers real-time thermal images of gas leaks. These leaks appear as “black smoke” onscreen allowing you to “see” fugitive gas emissions. It's Smart.

Using a revolutionary technology, GasFindIR inverts the physics of fugitive VOC gas leaks. What was once invisible is now clear and present — and recordable to any off-the-shelf video recorder for easy archiving, documenting or emailing. It's Innovative.

Seeing is believing...

ThermaCAM® GasFindIR Specifications
Imaging Performance
Field of View 22? with 25mm lens
Focus near <0.2m
Focusing Manual
Thermal sensitivity 80 mK @ 30?C
F-number 2.3
Type Focal Plane Array (FPA), InSb, 320x240 pixels
Spectral range 3 - 5?m
Time constant 16 ms, user selectable
Power Input
Voltage 6V
Power consumption <6 W typ.
Physical Characteristics
Weight (with battery and lens) 2 kg or less (4.6 lbs.)
Color Black
Size in (LxHxW) 10"x 5.2"x 5.7" (254x 132x145mm)
Interface Tripod mounting UNC 1/4", rotation safe
Available Lenses
Field of View 25 mm (22?)
50 mm (11?)
100 mm (5.5?)
Operating temperature range -15?C to +50?C
Storage temperature range -40? to + 70?C
Bump 40g, MIL-STD-810F
Vibration 7.15g, MIL-STD-810F
EMC EN 50081-2 (Generic emission)
EN 50082-2 (Generic immunity)
Humidity 20-80% (non condensing) IEC 359
Image Specifications
Image storage Hand-held personal video recorder,
commercial, off-the-shelf
Image out NTSC/RS-170, S-video
Camera Control RS-232, push button on camera
Connectors/function C-video, PAL, NTSC, S-video and Serial RS-232

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